More than 100 garden peepers hit the road Sunday, August 13th, taking in Dirt’s 4th annual Kitchen Garden Tour. By day, they hopped from garden to garden, learning tips and tricks from local backyard food growers throughout Orange and Sussex Counties. When evening rolled around, gardeners and tour-goers met up at Mohawk House for a celebration complete with live music, drinks, and hors d’oeuvres from 5 Spoke Creamery, Get Juiced, Naked Flock, Angry Orchard, Windy Brow Farms, and Mohawk House.

Upon arrival, ticketholders voted for their favorite gardens and left hand written comments about their favorite veggie patches.

Franklin, New Jersey’s Frank Hennion, took third place for best overall garden. He’s been gardening since he was 5 years old. His parents, farmers with a Victory Garden during World War II. His garden was bountiful, as was the wealth of knowledge he had to share with ticket holders.

“I had some 30 folks stop by to view my garden,” said Frank. “I used this as an education experience for most that stopped. I covered soil conditions, organic fertilizers and composing.”

His win was met with cheers from the audience.

Other winners included:

4th Place, Best Overall: Karen and John Bower, Tuxedo NY

2nd Place, Best Overall: Paula and Jerome Spector, Chester NY

1st Place, Best Overall: Dick and Sally Huey, Warwick NY

2nd Best Community Garden: West Milford Organic Community Garden

Best Community Garden: Warwick Community Garden

Most Hospitable: Michael and Erin Andersen, Warwick NY

Gardeners and ticketholders alike enjoyed a jam-packed day.

"This was my second year with the tour and I so appreciate what you do,” tour-goer Marion told Dirt magazine. “I have great takeaways from each stop.”

Thank you to the sponsors that made the 2017 Kitchen Garden Tour possible: Dirt magazine, Mohawk House, Warwick Tomatoes, The Green Onion, Amy’s, and Garden State Koi.